JavaScript component for crypto currency specific information.


npm install --save coininfo


var coininfo = require('coininfo')
// => 
{ versions: 
   { public: 48,
     private: 176,
     scripthash: 5,
     bip32: { public: 27108450, private: 27106558 } } }

Useful to use in conjunction with coinkey and coinstring.


Crypto Coin Public Address Private Wallet Import Format Script Hash
BTC 0x00 0x80 0x05
BTC-TEST 0x6F 0xEF 0xC4
DOGE 0x1E 0x9E 0x16
DOGE-TEST 0x71 0xF1 0xC4
LTC 0x30 0xB0 0x05
LTC-TEST 0x6F 0xEF 0xC4
NMC 0x34 0xB4 0x05
PPC 0x37 0xB7 0x75
URO 0x44 0xC4 0x05

Supported BIP32

Crypto Coin Public Private
BTC 0x0488b21e 0x0488ade4
BTC-TEST 0x043587cf 0x04358394
DOGE 0x02facafd 0x02fac398
LTC 0x019da462 0x019d9cfe